you dream ?

Short Film by Julien Eger and Johann Buchholz. Paris. French with english subtitles. With Gael Leveugle. Bruno Khérroubi. Katharina Grossmann.


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28 04 2009

That is a great film. Surprising story line. Very pure and honest film, and what are we anyway without our dreams?

31 10 2009
LaVona Sherarts

A winner !!!! Thank you for sharing this.

1 11 2009
Barbara Vroman

A very interesting movie on many levels. First of all the idea, and then the question posed. It left many more questions hanging than the one asked. First of all, would it make a difference in what country it was asked? In the end it seemed not a movie aboutdreams, for OF COURSE we all dream, it is a movie about our willingness to discuss or reveal our dreams. In a recent documentary about Sweden one of the things that was said was that Swedish people are private, on a bus they do not converse with perfect strangers the way Americans do. Would Americans share their dreams more readily than the French? Secondly, was it the manner the question was delivered that made most people unwilling to share their dreams? If you were confronted with both a camera and a microphone, would you be all that willing to share a dream? If one asked the question first, and then asked for permission to film, would it make it a difference? I loved the boldness of the one man who did share his dream. He was not afraid. It made me want to do this experiment myself, with a different technique.

10 11 2009
Denise Sanford

The grainy quality to the film itself was dream like. I should think I would be very sad if I couldnt dream. I dream of France often.

9 02 2010

Pepel, we would be someone else’s dream.

18 09 2010

as a dreamer of dreams i shall continue to dream with abandon….

14 07 2011

Dear friend

It is very brief but fantastic thought provoking
Really i like it

12 06 2014

I liked the response of the guy under the trees–“got any money?”–yes –a dream is worth a fortune!–melodies are born in dreams–good film

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