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16 03 2008
Poetry Dispatch No.219 | March 16, 2008

News from | Poets $ Writers, Please Note:

#1. Last week was a busy one of new postings (both Poetry Dispatch and Notes from the Underground) for both me and Monsieur K. on the websites:

“Crane Watch”; Beverly Rollwagen/”Essential,” “Employed”, “ ;David Budbill/”Be Glad”; Offen, Kohler, Jacobs, Hanks/ “Poetry Jazz Quartet”; James Tate/”The Wrong Way Home”; Robert Frost/”On Stopping by the Woods…”; etc (You will find all the most recent work listed on the right side of the screen. Click on the poet/title. Beneath this list is a box that opens to a complete list of all writers and poets included on the site to date And beneath that, yet another list of MOST READ POETRY DISPATCHES).

A lot of thought and work has gone into this. And the host, working out of La Baule, France, cannot be thanked enough for his efforts and insights.

I urge readers to regularly revisit my original postings after Monsieur K. has archived them (usually the same day or within 24 hours)—and considerably enhanced them with extraordinary visuals and additional information in some instances. Please revisit last week’s postings, in particular—“Crane Watch” –just beautiful; the high-tech illustration accompanying the Beverly Rollwagen poems, “Essential” and “Employed”; the Poetry Jazz Quartet illustrations; Frost, etc. An amazing second-life for all these entries…an amazing collection of work in total. Send friends, readers, other poets and writers to the archives as well—even people who say they hate poetry! Maybe we can make a few converts.

At last count, this site is approaching 15,000 hits—which is something to write home about. A great spot to set down a while when surfing the net, to enter a haven for engaging poetry…and/or reflect upon all kinds of thought-provoking ideas in the underground essays.

#2. PLEASE NOTE: Monsieur K. would like it known that he (his site Metropolis) is looking for writers who want to sell their books via THE SHOP page. The link is Check it out. Check in with Klaus. (Tell him you appreciate all his efforts, if you’re so inclined. Tell him in English, French, German…probably Spanish, Italian…and who knows how many other languages he can handle?)

A good man on a good mission to spread the word—and the music…world wide.

Norbert Blei