kris thacher | lament of a potter, poet, paper-maker

10 05 2012

POETRY DISPATCH No. 372 | May 10, 2012


Lament of a Potter, Poet, Paper-Maker…

36 heirloom tomatoes
to get into the ground soon,
plus two giant pumpkin plants;
a vision of a pot like a spring moon trying to surface;
three collages of handmade paper sumi-nagashi with leaves,
and sticks being arranged, rearranged, put away, taken out, rearranged;
trying to get a little book put together for the oral history project of 14 living treasures
(I will never, ever do a book by committee again!);
have to get up early to write poetry before the rest of the day
picks me up like a tornado and sets me down elsewhere;
too many invoices, too many bureaucratic forms,
too many grant proposals,
too many meetings;

–Kristin Thacher