barbara larsen | death is a friend

15 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 63 |April 11, 2006

Death is a friend by Barbara Larsen

who sits quietly watching us
as we share a cool drink on the deck
with neighbors on a late summer afternoon.
He listens as we gaze out over the water
while comfortable conversation laps over us
like small waves on the shore.

He’s the old family acquaintance, always
present at weddings and birthday parties,
witness to our joy and happiness.
Always alone in the front row at our funerals.

He’s the perpetual companion
who leans back and observes our love of music
and books and the pleasurable feeling
of bodies limber and alive.

A wise friend, he is
forever counseling us
to savor each day,
each moment.

from ALL IN GOOD SEASON, Beach Road Press, 2005