Today would have been my father ‘s 85th birthday … Chris Blei

24 08 2020



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24 08 2020
Marty Robinson

Norb is dearly missed, no matter how many years have passed.

24 08 2020
Stellasue Lee, Ph.D.

Thank you for reposting this video. It was a lovely reminder to look within, always, find center, and show up to the page.

24 08 2020

Dear Norb–what a pleasure to see this video. Thanks so much. I miss him every day.

24 08 2020
Paula K

Thank you for posting this…it is a beautiful piece. A tribute. Always delighted at the creative abundance within his Co-Op, <— the autocorrect isn’t allowing me to type C-o-o-p! Miss his physical presence, but he inspires, cajoles and urges me on every time I sit down to write. And I am sure I’m not the only one of his students to experience that…

24 08 2020
Bridget Buff

I just treasure this video! I love hearing his wonderful voice and seeing him and all the contents of his beloved coop again! ❤️

24 08 2020

I loved this video! Miss him and wonder what he would be writing in these troubled times. Carol Doty

On Sun, Aug 23, 2020 at 9:40 PM poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground wrote:

> Klaus posted: ” >” >

24 08 2020
Stefanie Burke

Miss him…Breakfast in Booth 4, 6 or 7…morning, my friend…happy birthday..

25 08 2020
Chris Blei

Thanks , Stefanie ..You were one of his faves !

25 08 2020
Jude Genereaux

As much as I love watching this Christo’ — very, very difficult. I was there watching John Nelson & his sidekick Bill film it, alternately playing gopher and admiring. What a miracle the man was. Miss him every day. ~Jude

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