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1 06 2016

Coop ID

Good, Good Vibrations

I just returned from touching-base w/ the beloved village, Ellison Bay. I know I shouldn’t do it – but, on an emotional pilgrimage to our old house, the excuse being to deliver a few mementoes to the new owners, Ivan and I walked out to where Norb’s working space, the mystical chicken Coop once stood.

After the founders of the “Write On! Door County” center for writing and writers heave-ho’ed moving the Coop to Juddville in 2014, nearly all of Norb’s totems and “forest art” was taken from the surrounding woods: the log that displayed a row of his exhausted typewriters, gone … the rocks swinging like prehistoric wind chimes from the trees, removed … broken bits of pottery he displayed in the sun, thrown away, and the bench where he once took breaks to smoke pipe – has been moved to sit in front of “the woman’s” reflecting pond, now turned into a campfire pit. Even the cement pad that once cradled the Coop has been removed.

It’s a heartache witnessing change, even when expected, so I don’t go there often. But this was spring! with baby buds about to burst in the tree limbs and my feet couldn’t resist following what use to be path to where the Coop once was. There, where the earth has been moved, routed, disturbed and bulldozed – there! bursting forth in blue: a solid bed of ‘Forget-Me-Nots’ blanketed the sorry earth that once thrummed with Norb’s energy. He’s still at work.

Nose to the ground, our good dog Ivan scouted the perimeter of the Coop’s exact boundary, resplendent in the tiny blue flowers. Forget him ~ Not. ~ Jude



6 responses

1 06 2016

Thanks Jude, and thanks Klaus. This is so well written and meaningful for me. GB

1 06 2016

Forget him~~not~~ Stef

1 06 2016
Jackie Langetieg

What a memory to have Jude. I could see the whole thing from your words. We all miss him but to you his constant presence is with you. Good trip for you and Ivan and thanks to Klaus for also keeping him in our minds as well as our hearts. jackie

1 06 2016
Jeanne Kuhns

Forget Me Nots…perfect new memory of an old spot full of them and Norb.

1 06 2016
charlie Miller

Jude: How lovely. Griffon Dogs and camping brought us together and our years in COU (center of universe) Gills Rock and Norb kept it glowing. Had no idea when I retired earlly with no money that my life would be so furfilled. Charle.

3 06 2016
Bridget Buff

I love this so much! Your words and the photo of those forget-me-nots are so sweet. Some places hold such a strong spirit of dad that it just makes my heart leap. Thanks for capturing his presence for all of us.

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