Norbert Blei Writing Workshop Summer 2015

20 07 2015


degenovaNorbert Blei Writing Workshop

Albert DeGenova

August 2 – August 8, 2015

This class is in the tradition of Norbert Blei (1935- 2013)—a week that includes introductory and advanced classes. Students choose one of these options when registering: Class #50: Overview of Creative Writing for beginning writers. (Class meets in mornings.) Class #51: First-person confessional for advanced writers. (Class meets in afternoons.) Class #52: Independent Study.

Overview Of Creative Writing: For burgeoning writers, this class will explore the major areas of creative writing: poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Writing techniques, journal writing, poetry and prose poems, short story writing, personal essay, blogs, the significance of poetic devices as the basis of all creative writing, what “story” means in our lives, and an overview of the promises of publication will be discussed. Sessions will be devoted to discussion, in-class writing and constructive criticism. All that is required is the urge and desire to write.

First-Person Confessional: As “autobiographical” detail has become the norm in contemporary writing, this class will look at how the confessional writers opened the door to the 21st century phenomena which is slam poetry and the explosion of personal memoir onto the best-seller lists. With a focus on this writing genre, the class will explore how much confession is too much. Poets Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath let their first-person personas detail personal experiences deeper and more honestly than any women who had preceded them. Their “confessional” style was courageous, but not without criticism. Students will examine their own writing for those recurring themes of personal experience and detail that may or may not enhance their work. Core reading: Selected Poems of Anne Sexton by Anne Sexton, Ariel by Sylvia Plath and Loose Woman by Sandra Cisneros. Additional readings: The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing, Birthday Letters by Ted Hughes and Big Sur by Jack Kerouac.

Advanced writers with some history of publication may schedule individual meetings with Albert if they submit manuscript excerpts and/or writing projects to him one month in advance of class. Please contact Albert at before submitting materials. Overview Of Creative Writing: For burgeoning writers, this class will explore the major areas of creative writing: poetry, fiction and nonfiction.

Independent Study: This is open to anyone with a desire to spend a week as part of a community of fine writers. There is no class work, and there are no writing assignments or reading obligations. You are welcome to join the writing classes and programs.

Albert Degenova began his studies with Norbert Blei in 1996. He is a poet, writer, editor and publisher. Albert is the author of four books of poetry, and for the past 30-plus years has worked as a journalist and marketing communications professional. In June of 2000, he launched the literary/arts journal After Hours, for which he continues as publisher and editor. In 2014, After Hours Press published The Professor’s Quarters, student perspectives on Norbert Blei and his class at The Clearing. Albert holds a master of fine art in writing and is an adjunct professor at Concordia University in River Forest, Illinois. He is also a blues saxophonist and a one-time contributing editor to Down Beat magazine.

$985 Dorm Room Package
$1025 Two-Person Room Package
$1435 Single-Person Room Package (limited availability)
$550 Commuter Package (limited availability)

Level: Beginner

Be sure to read Registration Information for complete registration details.




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