D. Zep Dix | Tribute for Norbert Blei in pictures

5 06 2015

I had a long correspondence going with Norb. But we never met face to face. He wrote and drew from a chicken coop near Ellison Bay in Door County WI for over 40 years after living in hometown Chicago. — D. Zep Dix

Please click the images to enlarge…



2 responses

5 06 2015
Tom's Jude

Thanks for sharing the great photos!

5 06 2015
D. Zep Dix

Nice job, Webmaster!

Thanks for the lovely format!

D.Zep Dix
ed. Waukesha SewerRaccoon News

we were never met soulmates
it seemed to me –
he had his coyote (s)
I my raccoon (s)

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