Norbert Blei | August 23, 1935 – April 23, 2013

23 04 2015

Norbert Blei | August 23, 1935 – April 23, 2013




5 responses

23 04 2015
David Dix sr

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of Norb, a man I never met but who influenced me in my old age greatly. I never reached his height…

23 04 2015
Jude Genereaux

Life will never be as full or rich or good again, without him in it – what a gift he was, to so many of us. Sail On Norberto’ ~ SAIL!

23 04 2015

A dynamic writer and influence. Thanks, GB

23 04 2015
Betsy Titterington

So honored to have had
him as a friend in my life!

23 04 2015
Jeffrey Winke

A generous, encouraging spirit who saw value in every writer and poem he ever encountered. I feel lucky to have known him!

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