Jude Genereaux | He is here…

22 08 2014


Norbert Blei ca. 1965

He is here …

Last night, Thursday August 21, a first effort BLUES ON THE BAY event was held in the heart of our beloved village Ellison Bay. One of the sponsors, Jennifer Lee, mentioned Norb had noted in the not too distant past, that the only thing Ellison Bay needed was “a little blues…”. Well, he sure gave us that.

Opening for Chicago’s Billy Flynn was our local Pete Thelan, one of the best of Norb’s loyal band of coyotes; Pete belted out “Sweet Home Door County” for Norb and sent it skyward with the assurance “We MISS you!” … and his wish that he was here.

He is here. He’s all around us, always in this little town … just over my shoulder, just out of view, but he’s here in every sunrise, sunset, poppy bursting orange and birch tree glowing white. Every drive north on 42 there comes a glimpse of a little beige Honda and for a moment, I see his beaming face behind the wheel. For a moment, turning on Europe Bay Road, I am just going home. He’s in our booth at the Viking for “early bird breakfast”, at the counter in the Pioneer picking up a movie for after dinner, in the post office each time I open Box #33, and turning into The Clearing path on my walks up Garrett Bay Road. And he was here with us on the bay as Pete belted out the blues last night.

Life will never be as good, as vibrant or joyful without his rumbling voice in my ear, without his words on Poetry Dispatch for all of us to savor, but one can always find him … because he is Here. In Ellison Bay. On this August 23rd, 79th Birthday, and always. — Jude Genereaux




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22 08 2014

Thanks Klaus, GB

22 08 2014
Al Degenova

Wish I was there! Sweet home indeed.

22 08 2014
Michael Farmer


22 08 2014

Wish I could’ve been there, but this reminder is great. Sweet Home indeed.

22 08 2014
Christian Morgenstern

Ve tvé dlouhé vlny,
dunný zvone,
vkládám tichý šepot
svého smutnění;
to rozplývá se
v kyvech tvých,
sbratřeno nyní
s věčným zpěvem
života zvonu,
sudby zvonu,
nám nad hlavami
zvoní, zvoní, zvoní.

Christian Morgenstern

22 08 2014


23 08 2014

thanks Jude… He is here. And what is wonderful for me, is that all those I have loved and have passed are ‘here’ in the wind, the rain, the smell of the seasons, over my shoulder, a whisper away. And I am grateful.xo

23 08 2014

Feliz cumpleaños! Te extraño.

23 08 2014
Pete Thelen

Jude thank you so much for the kind words, I felt his magic in the air. I loved him like the brother he is.

23 08 2014

Happy Birthday Dad!

24 08 2014
the wife of "the man who loved sister bay"

Echoing “sweet home indeed!”

Drove by the coop today…”uprooted,” ready to be moved to begin a new chapter in its history…moved to a place where Norb’s spirit will continue to inspire young writers. How fitting this is happening around the time of Norb’s birthday.

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