Norbert Blei’s works are accepted into the University Of Wisconsin Library

27 07 2014

Last Tuesday, July 22, 2014, Rob Zoschke and David Pichaske met in Ellison bay with two librarians from the University of Wisconsin Library—Susan Barribeau and Robin Rider—to inventory Norbert Blei’s papers in storage there.

As a result of that meeting, twenty-six boxes of manuscripts, letters, files, books and other published Blei stories are now tucked safely in the special collections section of the library in Madison, there to become the Norbert Blei Collection. Norb Blei is now a part of the University of Wisconsin! The 26 boxes of material—most of which had been inventoried by Pichaske last summer—will be assessed, re-inventoried, and refoldered. The process will take some time, but eventually the archives will be open to the general public and the library will provide a “finding tool” for what it considers “a very special acquisition.” Some materials may be available on-line.

Meanwhile, Pichaske is hard at work inventorying the electronic files stored on Blei’s computer, which will also become part of the Madison collection. While some items seem incomplete or gone missing, Pichaske has found digital files containing substantial portions of some book-length projects on which Blei had been working back in the 1990s and early twenty-first century.



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27 07 2014
Chris Blei

Thank you to my Father’s publisher, Dave Pichaske, for leading this mission for my Dad. We will be forever grateful. The UW – Madison Library will be the permanent home for the Norbert Blei Collection and that is just perfect.

30 07 2014
Marcia Bower Power

Chris, Your dad taught me Sophomore English at Lyons Township High School. I was hopeless, but he was marvelous. I was happy to learn that he used his considerable talents to teach those who were worthy of his efforts after leaving La Grange. I have never forgotten him, though I can’t remember the names of my other three English teachers. I was so sad to learn of his death last year, and I appreciate the opportunity to express my sorrow to you personally. Thankfully, he lives on in his work, and so many will continue to benefit from his teaching.

30 07 2014

Thank you Marcia. I still can’t believe he has left us but at least now my father’s work will live forever for others to appreciate even more through his collection at the University of Wisconsin. I know he always spoke highly of his time at LT and I still hear from students, like you, from his time there.
“Find Me In My Books” is his saying that will always live on.

27 07 2014

What a wonderful tribute and continuing connection to Norb’s legacy. When the process is complete please provide the neccesary on formation to access the collection.

27 07 2014
Jude Genereaux

With deep appreciation I say THANK YOU to Dave for his determination in getting this accomplished during a very tough year of his own, to Rob for much heavy lifting and being there, and to Christo’, who Norb always entrusted to oversee his legacy. And a great loving ATTABOY! to Norbert – who so deserves this honor. All my love ~ Jude

27 07 2014


27 07 2014
Michael Farmer

Thank you! Great news.

27 07 2014
Tim Stone

The University of Wisconsin, the perfect location for the Norbert Blei Collection. Well done! Now when we visit our grandson, 4th generation at Madison, we will take him over to the library and show him the Collection when it is ready.

27 07 2014
Marty Robinson


27 07 2014

Such wonderful news!!! I am grateful for everyone’s hard work to make this happen. One more way to honor Norb and all he gave the world.

27 07 2014
David Dix sr

Among my greatest treasures as a 78 year old man is a simple but beautiful water color post card Norb once sent to me….

this saving of his works, a huge thank you. It makes perfect sense.

Ed. Waukesha Sewer Raccoon News

27 07 2014

Dear Mr. David Dix,
I agree with you more than 100 per cent. Norbert send me a couple of these post cards over here in France. Have to build some nice frames for it.

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