Norbert Blei’s grave

28 06 2013

Norbert Blei's grave



7 responses

28 06 2013
Gloria Dougherty

Thank you. Seeing the message in my “inbox” gave me chills.

28 06 2013
Maggie Huffman

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 1:29 PM, poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground wrote:

> ** > Klaus posted: “”

28 06 2013
Sean M.Poole

First I’d heard. Rest in Peace, Norbert. Thanks for the words!

29 06 2013
Michael Farmer

Fair journeys…!

29 06 2013

that’s sums it up and the way he would want to be remembered.

29 06 2013
Steven Fortney

I didn’t know him personally but he was a friend anyway.

9 07 2013
David Zep Dix

I miss…………….
a lot of things
the oft-E’d snapshots of some
new illumined angle of the Door surround
became ‘Blei on draft’ for me

and I had the sense to save them
some of them
wish it had been all

Imagine the gumption to do out there
and though dying still take pictures
of his beloved adopted land.

Like Eva Cassidy, singing;
thanks to the brave hearts
never to be forgotten.

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