Norbert Blei | August 23, 1935 – April 23, 2013

23 04 2013

Norbert Blei

Photo by Jude

Norbert Blei | August 23, 1935 – April 23, 2013

Stories at birth, before birth, every moment of our lives to the end. We breathe telling tales. And then what happened? The story ends? The story never ends. We are immortal. We are myth. We remember. — Norbert Blei



27 responses

23 04 2013
Michael Farmer

Fair journey, Norb! mf

23 04 2013

sorry to hear this. he was a class act. a.d. winans

23 04 2013
Mary "Casey" Martin

Sorry to hear of the passing of the one, and only, COYOTE. RIP…M. “Casey” Martin

23 04 2013
m lewis redford

only just stumbled across him; sorry that I have now lost him

23 04 2013
Robin Chapman

so very sorry.we’ll miss your voice. Rob

23 04 2013
Paul Fericano

But Not Forgotten

I think no matter where you stray,
That I shall go with you a way.
Though you may wander sweeter lands,
You will not forget my hands,
Nor yet the way I held my head
Nor the tremulous things I said.
You will still see me, small and white
And smiling, in the secret night,
And feel my arms about you when
The day comes fluttering back again.
I think, no matter where you be,
You’ll hold me in your memory
And keep my image there without me,
By telling later loves about me.

— Dorothy Parker

23 04 2013
Helen Wilkins

so very sad to hear this news – a poem, a few lines a thought would arrive out of the blue often when I most needed to be taken to another place….such inspiration from an extraordinary soul – wish i had known him longer…Norbert Blei will be sadly missed by many but all will be richer by far for having been touched by his words…

23 04 2013
D. E. Steward


23 04 2013
Ralph Murre

Farewell, Comrade. Thank you.

23 04 2013
Nancy Rafal

Norb will be missed by many. Mentor to us all. May he find that last gravel road in da Door.

23 04 2013
Patt Clark

Sadness reigns. “Quoth the Raven, ‘Nevermore.'”

23 04 2013
Jake St. John

sad day. he will be missed.

24 04 2013
Ron Whitehead

Norb was (is) one of The Best people i’ve ever been blessed and honored to practice hangoutology with. Ron Whitehead

24 04 2013
BL Kennedy

This is a sad day for poetry all over thw world. It surely was not the news that I wanted to read before going to bed. I first heard of Norbert Blei from my friend John Bennett, who told me that Norbert Blei lived poetry, I like that for it something that you rarely in a poet. Norbert Blei, Kenneth Patchen, John Bennett, Sharon Doubiago, and Anne Waldman come into my mind but, there are so many others. Live in peace Norbert Blei.

24 04 2013

Norb, you are in our hearts and bones … Don @ Lilliput Review

24 04 2013


24 04 2013
Marie Skrobot

I will bring you flowers.

24 04 2013

one of a kind
loved by many
So happy I was touched
by his mentoring
Goodbye dear Norb

25 04 2013
Jude GX

SAIL! my NorbertO’ – sail.

25 04 2013
Joe Larkin

Thank you Norb for your kindness and your inspiration.

25 04 2013
Chris Castellari

Dear Norbert,
you are immortal, you are myth, you will be remembered

25 04 2013

Norb your courage and kindness are an inspiration ……..

25 04 2013
monsieur k

Dear Norbert,

during our 6 year running collaboration, [ Poetry Dispatch & other Notes from the Underground | Basho’s Road, N.B. Coop News | North of Kafka | Once Upon A Time], the most I liked was, you gave me always “carte blanche”!

Thank you and see you again one day somewhere!

monsieur k

26 04 2013
Paula Kosin

On Losing a Teacher, Losing a Friend
Norbert Blei (1935-2013)

Your coop in the woods,
so like you,
stacked floor to ceiling
precious books
unfinished manuscripts
correspondence from friends
a million compelling projects.
You had a bucket list
decades long,
driven by intense urgency.
So many things to do,
to learn to write to teach
and, always, to challenge.
So many conversations to savor,
seasons to welcome,
seasons to weather
in your beloved Door.
You used to wish me:
Nazdar! Be well!
Now I pledge to you:
Na shledanou!
Until we see each other again.

26 04 2013

Paula, a fine, fine tribute. Thank you. I’d love to share this with folks on “Issa’s Untidy Hut”, the Lilliput Review blog. Norb noted it a number of times in posts. If you are interested, drop me a note – lilliput review AT google DOT com. If not, I certainly understand. Just wanted to let you know I think it is a very fine tribute. Don Wentworth, Lilliput Review/Issa’s Untidy Hut.

5 05 2013
Julie Eger

He saw in me what I could not see in myself. He’s got me looking deeper into things.

He had a knack for that.

Missing you more every day, Norb, more every day.

28 06 2013
Marty Robinson

My dear friend of 40 years, we had many fine arguments and many agreements. Here in Door for your memorial, it is difficult to know I will not see you again. But you will always be on my mind.

Marty Robinson

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