kris thacher | lament of a potter, poet, paper-maker

10 05 2012

POETRY DISPATCH No. 372 | May 10, 2012


Lament of a Potter, Poet, Paper-Maker…

36 heirloom tomatoes
to get into the ground soon,
plus two giant pumpkin plants;
a vision of a pot like a spring moon trying to surface;
three collages of handmade paper sumi-nagashi with leaves,
and sticks being arranged, rearranged, put away, taken out, rearranged;
trying to get a little book put together for the oral history project of 14 living treasures
(I will never, ever do a book by committee again!);
have to get up early to write poetry before the rest of the day
picks me up like a tornado and sets me down elsewhere;
too many invoices, too many bureaucratic forms,
too many grant proposals,
too many meetings;

–Kristin Thacher



4 responses

10 05 2012
jim karr

seems like this poem reflects a very corperate schedule–like when I was working in NYC –what’s the point of art?–PRODUCT CREATION???–if we adhere to the virtue of BUSYNESS- we shall soon have the whole planet paved !–GOODY !

11 05 2012

Kris, THAT was perfect. Excellery! I can SO relate to this!

11 05 2012
Anita Sowden

Like a line drawing of emotions, that give the essence of the frustrations of the mundane. Love the flow / makes me realise how to get like this is draining. I should take time out throw a pot just for the sake of it. Nothing else lasts.

12 05 2012
Ralph Murre

What the poem fails to say, is that Kris will do each of these things, yes, even the smilery, with a level of excellence that most of us only dream about while (sort of) accomplishing our one or two little tasks. Brava, Kris!

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