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7 09 2011

POETRY DISPATCH No. 352 | September 6, 2011


Robin Becker

Most days that summer your old dog came up,
in the searing heat, with a failing heart,
from your place, the half-mile uphill to mine―

up the steep rise, past the pastured goats, on
the buggy trail that swerves through blueberries.

As you pointed out, The Odyssey
is full of tears, everyone weeping
to find and lose and find each other again.

Spent, he struggled the last two hundred yards,
ears low, chest heaving. Hearing
the jangling of his tags I knew the gods

had chosen me to praise him for his journey,
offer food and water, a place to sleep.




11 responses

7 09 2011
Micahel Lee Johnson

Xenia. Such a lovely picture of a/the dog and a wonderful heart felt poetic story. If you love animals-this one will get to you.
Michael Lee Johnson

7 09 2011
David Dix sr


7 09 2011
Marty Robinson

Wonderful creatures, a gift from God to make us happy. The least we can do is to return the favor.

7 09 2011


Thanks for sending this out. Great timing. Sue and I had to put down our 11 yr.old Norfolk Terrier “Claire” two weeks ago. Tomorrow I fly to Florida to pick up a six month old female, “Sadie”. She will back home here in Wisconsin on Friday. Our lives will be complete again.

7 09 2011
Leonard Cirino

Very moving — I just lost my Back Lab of seven years, thanks, leo

7 09 2011
Dan Pilkington

I love your poem. It says so much – without saying too much. Very touching, without being sentimental. Brought tears to my eyes – because dogs are so wonderful.

8 09 2011
Micahel Lee Johnson

God bless all of you since everyone here is a lover of nature, God in their way, and wonderful critters we call pets. Michael Lee Johnson. Poet, Itasca, IL.

8 09 2011
LaVona Sherarts

This tells so much about the poet ! Wonderfully written,

9 09 2011
Barbara Vroman

Yes, it’s so lovely, done with such skill, but hurts so much.

23 09 2011
Autumn Breeze

That’s a really great poem!! I liked the description, and the link between the Oddyssey and this dog’s journey. Very nice.

31 08 2015

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