life after dancing: book from bristol palin by julie bosman

8 03 2011

NOTES from the UNDERGROUND No. 211 | March 8, 2011

THE WRITING LIFE: Chapter 365:
“The Death Throes of American Literature” or
“Mama, Don’t Let Your Son/Daughter Grow Up to Become Writers in America”

Life After Dancing: Book from Bristol Palin
Julie Bosman
The New York Times, March 2, 2011

The rumors were true: Bristol Palin…is writing a book. NOT AFRAID OF LIFE.
It will be released this summer by Harper-Collins, the publisher of Sarah Pailin’s books, GOING ROGUE and AMERICA BY HEART. Bristol Palin’s book will be “an inside look at her life, her world and the things that matter most, including her family and the faith that keeps her centered,” the publisher said in a statement on Tuesday. She will write about her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars,” including the grueling practices and the criticisms she endured, her aspirations and her religious faith. The book, which will have a co-writer who was not identified will be published by William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins. Ms. Palin, 20, spends time touring the country speaking to groups and recently bought a house in Maricopa, AZ, south of Phoenix.

[Editor’s Note: Can’t wait to see NOT AFRAID OF LIFE (at age 20) top The New York Times’ bestseller list, #1—probably before it’s available in bookstores. Way to go, girl! Be sure to say thanks to what’s-her-name. And God, of course. Keep the faith.] —Norbert Blei




13 responses

8 03 2011
Charlie Rossiter

while real writers scrounge to get by….

8 03 2011
Alice D'Alessio

Oh my.

8 03 2011
Judith Wiker

I thought her 15 minutes expired? Thanks for the update.

8 03 2011
Sharon Auberle

thanks so much, Norb, for giving us this literary (and advice-filled) treasure to look forward to.
Though I am loathe to admit it, I am a closet fan of “Dancing,” but this makes me want to hurl…aaarghhh

8 03 2011
jude, hey

I am speechless … all I can come up with is Mother. of. GOD!

8 03 2011

Loved the Editor’s Note. As the young crowd says: lol.

8 03 2011

ah, another 10 minute book. maybe 7 minutes. 3?

8 03 2011
jonnel covault

I’m going to delete this post immediately!

9 03 2011
alan catlin

I can only think of one person under the age of thirty who wrote a memoir that was worth reading and it was by Lu Li one of the Chinese student leaders at the Tienamen Square massacre, an earthquake and famine survivor, and later a college student in America. Dancing with the Stars indeed!

9 03 2011
Robert M. Zoschke

Capitano Nazzz…there is only one comment of pertinence that I can (and must) add to your richly pertinent piece on today’s lack of Bestseller Pertinence…

“If there had been a player piano, Mailer might have put in a quarter to hear ‘In the Heart of the City Which Has No Heart.” From Norman Mailer’s The Armies of the Night.

9 03 2011
Tim Stone

It does make one ill.

9 03 2011
Barbara Vroman

If you had watched Dancing With the Stars you would have seen her
terror, her fear, her courage, this young girl (raised to be a fundamentalist
Christian with all the don’t’s that implies) who had to accompany her mother
in national exposure with her bulging belly of premature pregnancy. Maybe after all, she has something to share with other young girls.

I would prefer to vote for other people than Sarah Palin. I also think daughter had unfair advantage. Should the black girl have won instead? YES!!!
But I remember how hard it was to be young and vulnerable. She has her right
to reach for the ring, too. Why is is that the public will buy this, and not a
book of literary significance? That is not Bristol’s fault.

11 03 2011
Susan Anderson

I am glad to include your wonderful perspective on my blog list at Check out The Obsessive Reader, a fan of yours.

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