hana hegerovà | rozvod | for norbert

7 05 2010

Mráz držím v dlaních, svět zůstal stát.
V hodinách ranních nemohu spát.
Jediné slůvko rozdělilo nás.

Říkala jsem ti “mluvko”
a pojednou je tu zticha hráz.

To ty jsi se rozhod jako muž
a pravý chlap a řekl jsi:
“Rozvod, nechci jít dál podle starých map.”

Už ani nevím, kdy to bylo.
Přišlo to jako malá smrt.
Nejspíš byla zima, venku lilo
a jestli v nás z naší lásky zbylo aspoň čtvrt,
tak teď nezbylo už vůbec nic
jak po světle letních létavic.
Jen to jediné slůvko.

Co bude dál? Spát budeš sám.
Čas dal, čas vzal. Prázdný je krám.
On vyprodal náš první bál,
rok kdesi stál a čekával.
Tvé dotyky lehké jak sníh,
smích putyky, co zná náš první hřích.
Náš pokojík v tom poschodí,
kam pikolík už nechodí.
Co bude dál, co bude dál, co bude dál?

Soud soudí zločiny.
Proč máme k němu jít?
Tam vzdát se rodiny a zachovat klid?
Kdo zná nás víc než já a ty,
tvůj rub i líc, mé trampoty?
Čí bude stůl, čí bude skříň?
Chtěl jsi vždy půl, já, já jsem chtěla míň.
A teď nechci nic.
Chci vědět jen, jak dětem říct ten divný sen.
Co bude dál, co bude dál, co bude dál?

Mlčky jsi stál i ty ses bál říct: “Rozvod.”



15 responses

8 05 2010
Ralph Murre

Norb, I didn’t understand a word, yet I’m quite sure she said exactly what I’ve been trying to say. Be well, old teacher.

12 05 2010
Judith Wiker

Czech to English translation on a few tidbits….

“I want to know just how
to tell the children that strange dream.
What’s next, what next, what next? ”


“I do not remember where it was.
It came as a little death.
I guess it was cold, poured out
so now I have nothing left
as a light summer shooting star.”

12 05 2010
Jean Casey


12 05 2010
David Zep Dix


12 05 2010
monsieur k.


12 05 2010
Jeffrey Winke

I’m clueless with what’s expressed in a foreign tongue, but I agree with all of the good and positive things said and will debate anything negative. You’re a good man, my friend.

12 05 2010
jude, hey

Beaucoup d’amour.

12 05 2010
monsieur k.


12 05 2010
Jackie Langetieg

How beautiful this is. Thank you for sharing it.

12 05 2010
Richard Purinton

Monsieur k. posts for Norb this old Czech chestnut, in a continuing gesture of friendship and support. I am drawn to the poet/singer like I was to Ingmar Bergman films 40 years ago, black and white, the passion lasting for hours, the strange little combo on the wings of the stage (is combo still an accepted word for a small group of musicians? Where is the Happy Schnapps Combo when we need them?) – only there are no subtitles, thanks to Msr. k.’s special, encoded message to his friend, and so we each make up our own words. Mine: she is saying with growing intensity, “Meet me at the A/C Tap, and all will be well. Coffee at Al’s and all will be well. Another dispatch, another Coop News, and all will be well. Meet me at the A/C Tap, where you will be well…” – Dick P.

13 05 2010
Susan Hannus

beautiful ….. all will be well

13 05 2010
Ed Markowski

A hundred years of Thank You Norb wouldn’t come close

to expressing my gratitude. That you somehow found my

words & found my words worthy is an example of ordinary

magic. What you’ ve done for all of us who’ ve run away &

joined the carnival of the written & spoken word is simply

remarkable. So, there’s just one more thing to say ………

Thank You Norb.

Ed Markowski

13 05 2010
Barbara Fitz Vroman

Hana Hegerov–mysterious, frustrating, a path leading to…nowhere,
except speculation. Some speculations are richer than others. Some of us
just throw up our hands, some of us beckon further along the path toward–
more speculations–a taste of brown sugar on our tongues?–a sharp smell of
whiskey?–our ankles suddenly deep in mud, the mud of no answers except
the ones we make up ourselves.

Once upon a time there was this woman…

13 05 2010
norbert blei

It’s not the meaning of the words
it’s lifting them to the stars,
making them sing…

thank you everyone…Dekuji, dekuji

norb blei

15 05 2010
R D Armstrong

You don’t have to understand the words to understand the sentiment expressed in the tone…in the sound. Everybody says it well. I’m just another echo. Thanks and a tip o’ the hat to you all…


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