the 50.000+ hit awards

10 12 2008


Poetry Dispatch and NOTES from the UNDERGROUND


Thanks to everyone who has focused on these sites, left comments on particular pieces, written to me personally in praise of the poetry dispatches and the notes from the underground, and those as well who have shown interest in the small poem…expressed joy in finding their way along Basho’s Road. [Applause]

A very special thanks to Monsieur K who has lent his considerable skill and art to attract world-class attention to every presentation as he diligently archives and enhances each entry with care and class. [Applause, applause]

Some weeks ago I suggested a contest of sorts in celebration of the first 50,000 hits. (Tell us what ‘it’ means to you, etc.). The prizes were nothing to write home about—yet, at least something for one’s efforts.

Instead of a 1st, 2nd, 3rd prize as I initially envisioned, I am awarding a Main Prize to both Peter Kron and Barbara Vroman . The main prize is personal, hand written greeting, in French, from Monsieur K, plus a slightly used book from my personal library and congratulatory note.. (I may also throw in something special from my desk drawer)


“It is a kind of literary SETI project … monitoring signs of intelligent life from the distant past and a tiny county of the mostly dark sky. Beings perhaps far different from the silicon-based life in my world.
I enjoy it… thanks”

Peter Kron (Washington state)

“50,000. Wow!!!!! You and K are making great music together. And second…I am often moved or excited or impressed by the poems you send, but the second one by Carruth brought near tears to my eyes. A real hit to the solar plexus or the soul. When one can take an emotion and mold it into words like a snowball and it comes hurdling through place in mysterious ways and lands between a complete stranger’s forehead, and the original emotion is emitted from those little black marks on paper, and recreates the emotion to the point of almost drawing tears…well…”

Barbara Vroman (Wisconsin)


I could issue a great number of awards concerning this matter …but here are three readers in particular who consistently offer their thoughts, feelings, ideas concerning the sites:

LaVona Shearts (Minnesota)
Delphine Sanks (Nebraska)
Susan Hannus (Illinois)

Each will receive a book from my personal library.

Thank you all again and onward to 100,000!Norbert Blei



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