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14 11 2008


Poetry Dispatch | Notes from the Underground

Special Edition:



Dateline: November 14, 2008:

Late breaking news from Monsieur K in France:
“We are already over 50.000
Do we miss the party ????”–MK


Thank you, Monsieur K, and thank all you readers and writers on the world-wide-web for your attention and appreciation of this site.

By way of “Thanks for 50,000 visitors since September 2007 (so far)” –a special contest offer.

Complete the following sentence in 50 words or less:

“Poetry Dispatch and Notes from the Underground (Basho’s Road) have added to/changed my life (done something positive) by/because…”

(If you care to mention your location in the world and the number of people you occasionally dispatch it to…that too would be greatly appreciated.)

1st Prize:

A hand-written, in French (or German, Spanish, English, etc.) French postcard from the elusive, mysterious, wise, and wizardly Monsieur K himself, postmarked from his secretive domain: La Baule, France. ( A collector’s items for sure.)

2nd Prize:

A used book, in pristine shape (poetry, fiction, or nonfiction) from the private library of Norbert Blei, with a personal note of thanks (in English—or Czech).

3rd Prize:

Something from Blei’s private desk/junk drawer, crammed with all sorts of treasures—from a brand new yellow Dixon Ticonderoga, No.2, Soft, never-sharpened pencil, circa l950, to…who knows? A hand-scribbled note…an old photograph, a Turkish cigarette, circa1976?

ALL entries (one per person) to be e-mailed only:


Deadline: November 22, 2008 (Please include your regular/snail mail address).

All winning entries will appear in a future dispatch. (Maybe all losing entries as well.)


— Norbert Blei (America) & Monsieur K. (France)



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