ed markowski | winter sunset

31 01 2008
Poetry Dispatch No. 209 | January 31, 2008

Writing Small

I began Poetry Dispatch over two years ago with many missions in mind. Among them, spreading the beauty, delicacy, impact, truth of the small, ‘haiku-like’ poem. Sift through the archives (above) for any number of stunning poems about the length of a deep breath.

Occasionally I lose track of what I set out to do, wander down too many different paths…then read something as right as the small poem below and say to myself: Oh, yes. Never forget this.

I remind readers again of the ‘tiny’ website where this poem first appeared, where a small poem fills a page in a big way: http://tinywords.com/haiku/2008/01/29

Visit if often. Better yet, ‘subscribe’ to it (no cost). It’s a wonderful thing to open your e-mail and find a few short lines like this to greet you. Norbert Blei


winter sunset...       this sudden craving   for a hand-picked peach  by Ed Markowski

winter sunset…

this sudden craving
for a hand-picked peach

Ed Markowski


Note: Internet Explorer user can not see the feature in the above little frame. Please use Firefox to see the difference. Thanks!



3 responses

4 03 2008
ed markowski

thank you for featuring this haiku.
ed markowski

winter solstice
the snow that falls on mother’s

28 01 2009
john harvey | chet baker « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

[…] –Ed Markowski (nice response and new haiku from him as well) […]

10 11 2009
ed markowski

looking at the “winter solstice” haiku i left in the comments
in retrospect, i think it’s incomplete. i never consider anything
i write to be “finished” so, here’s my addition to the poem. keep in mind the poem can be changed endlessly.

winter solstice
the snow that falls on mother’s headstone

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