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7 12 2007



Poetry Dispatch No. 183 | August 16, 2007

crp028.jpgHere’s a relatively new one by bestselling Cross+Roads Press author, Ralph Murre, (CRUDE RED BOAT) which was entered in a local contest (you all know how I feel about contests) and should have won 1st, but didn’t — but you all know how that goes. You could a fooled me — and did. A winner in my book, though. Norbert Blei


Fooled by Ralph Murre

You know how you can substitute
baking (soda) for baking (powder)
by adding buttermilk or cream of tartar
or yogurt or molasses or (something),
and how you can make a fake
apple pie with Ritz crackers and lemon juice?
Well, there you go.
You know how, when your local
rainforest is out of ebony and
you really wanted some for that
(jewelry box) you’re making her, you can
use birchwood and (black liquid) shoe polish?
Well, there you go.
You know how, when you buy scallops,
they might not be, but just little circles
cut from (shark fins) or how happily
you buy imitation crab meat made,
it says right on the label, from God-Knows-What?
Well, there you go.
You know how (Sally) could fake an orgasm
and it got you to wondering, and
how NASA faked the moon landings
in a desert with bad lighting, and
the way some American flags are (Made in China)?
Well, there you go.
You know how you can elect complete idiots
pretending to be (presidential),
or how easily a truckload of chickens
can be mistaken for a weapon of mass destruction?
Well, there you go.
You know how you can play solitaire
or go to reallygigantictitsdotcom
while appearing to be at work on your (novel),
or how you can act like you’re listening
to me now, saying (blah, blah, blah),
by nodding and saying mmm-hmmm, mmm-hmmm?
Well, there you go.



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29 04 2009
adam murre

this is your great nephew adam littles barry’s son

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