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3 12 2007



Poetry Dispatch No.158 | March 4, 2007

On this extraordinary, bright winter day of new fallen snow, cold temperatures and such sparkling beauty in fields and woods and farms here in rural Door County, where the peace of ‘nobody here’ lends comfort to the solitary in us all…I am reminded again of this poem. Of the ceaseless commerce of men in local offices, homes, bars, restaurants, almost everywhere you turn, the wheelers and dealers dedicated to the preservation of personal profit, always with intent ‘to make things better’ by making them worse. Norbert Blei


Guys Like That by Joyce Sutphen

Drive very nice cars, and from
where you sit in your dented
last-century version of the
most ordinary car in America, they

look dark-suited and neat and fast.
Guys like that look as if they are thinking
about wine and marble floors, but
really they are thinking about TiVo

and ESPN. Women think that guys
like that are different from the guys
driving the trucks that bring cattle
to slaughter, but guys like that are

planning worse things than the death
of a cow. Guys who look like that —
so clean and cool — are quietly moving
money across the border, cooking books,

making deals that leave some people
rich and some people poorer
than they were before guys like that
robbed them at the pump and on

their electricity bills, and even
now, guys like that are planning how
to divide up that little farm they just
passed, the one you used to call home.



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