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10 11 2007


Poetry Dispatch No.144 | December 30, 2006

A Happy New Year to you all. May good ideas, honest poems, strong images, and well -honed words be with you in all the days and nights to come. And may you be moved by them, reader and writer.

Thanks for your interest and support of Poetry Dispatch, Notes from the Underground, and the two “www” websites through out the year. Norbert Blei


The Calendar by John Haines

Let this book as it ends
remember the hand that wrote it.
the eye that slowly
learned its alphabet,
the thumb that peeled back its pages.

The days were marked beforehand:
phases of the moon,
a flight to Pennsylvania,
the changing birthdays of children.

Words, ciphers on paper,
paper that curls and yellows,
Valentines, Easters,
a lot of numbers to throw away…

Something about a year
dying in anger
something about starlight and sleep.

from LEAVES and ASHES, Kayak Books, 1974




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