hatto fischer | patch work

4 11 2007


Poetry Dispatch No.132 | November 30, 2006

I welcome, love, relish hearing voices from other parts of the world. Especially Hatto Fischer in Greece and Bruce Hodder in England.

Poets, writers-of—the-world-at-large, …write/unite …“you have nothing to lose but…” If you’re out there (& I know you are), if you have something to say (and say it with style), wish to share or would like me to look at it, this door is always open.

Here’s a beautiful, provocative new poem by Hatto. (Ah, to be sitting in an outdoor café in Athens, sipping coffee and ouzo, discussing everything under the Grecian sun.) Norbert Blei


Patch work by Hatto Fischer

done under
the mole
seeks darkness
as comfort
for what eyes
don’t see
in broad daylight
a love left
amidst an empty square
with de Chirico
passing by
another verse
of metaphysics:
reality merged with spirituality
in a world
not trusting the senses
while children play
amidst trees
casting not only shadows
but memories
of gunshots
fired back then there
and bodies
fell from the trees
like heavy fruits
gone foul
since no one came
to pick them
when ripe
and in time
to prevent
endless pain
the mole
down under
the nose
just touching earth
from sacred tears
for experiences
we imagined
but never came
to realize
as the beauty
of free love.



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