yehuda amichai | inside the apple

3 11 2007


Poetry Dispatch No.130 | November 25, 2006

LOVE POETRY WEEK, Saturday, No.7

Inside the Apple by Yehuda Amichai
translated by Chana Bloch

You visit me inside the apple.
Together we can hear the knife
paring around and around us, carefully
so the peel won’t tear.

You speak to me. I trust your voice
because it has lumps of hard pain in it
the way real honey
has lumps of wax from the honeycomb.

I touch your lips with my fingers:
that too is a prophetic gesture.
And your lips are red, the way a burnt field
is black.
It’s all true.

You visit me inside the apple
and you’ll stay with me inside the apple
until the knife finishes its work.

from: THE SELECTED POETRY OF YEHUDA AMICHAI, Univ. of Calif. Press, 1996



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23 09 2013

when did Yehuda write this poem?

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