bruce hodder | this woman who I work with is a major beauty

3 11 2007


Poetry Dispatch No.126 | November 21, 2006


this woman who i work with is a major beauty by Bruce Hodder

however many blocks you’ve been around,
your breath catches every time you look at her.
and when she comes up close to you, which
she does when she wants to ask a question–
eyes wide, breasts pushed against your arm–
it’s like gazing into heaven, you could almost cry
that something so divine exists on Earth.
she’s a perfect work of art, god’s first masterpiece
since He sat down after creating rain.
yesterday she walked through in leather coat
and boots, with plaited hair, belly half-exposed,
and five men stopped talking all at once,
like wild birds silenced by a pistol shot.




2 responses

6 11 2007
Dave Blaine

“…like wild birds silenced by a pistol shot”, absolutely the most perfect simile I’ve read in years.

28 01 2008


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