ronald baatz | three more poems

29 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 122 | November 13, 2006

3 More by Ronald Baatz


here is a poem
I wrote for you
last year and

which I never
got around to
giving you

I hope it still
has some life
left to it although

I don’t
see why
it shouldn’t since
I try my best

to construct these
things with such
care that they

should last many years
without coming to
any reasonable ruin

just as a potter might
form a bowl
from clay or a

sculptor might chip
away at a hefty
block of marble

knowing their sweaty
toil will bring forth
objects possessing

the qualities necessary
to leap through
the ages

with a truth
always known



the same orange
has been on the
table for over

a week now
and every so often
i’ll notice it there

and i am tempted
to it eat but
the idea of it

being gone for
some reason does
not sit with me too

so it continues to
remain there

day after day
as though it were
an astray

and naturally I
know that some
day soon this

orange is going to
start going bad
and it’ll end up

simply being thrown
out and I’ll never
know what it would’ve

been like to eat
and i’ll have to
forgive myself this



please let me get
up from this bed
I have an early

day tomorrow and
I must get home
to sleep

and stop trying to pin
me down I know just
how much stronger you

are than I am
and stop trying to put
my penis back in you

can’t you see how limp
and exhausted it is
and it has been informed

of my need to rise at
dawn so it is just as
anxious as I am to be

out the door and down
the road so please
stop sitting on me with your

godforsaken heavy ass
which probably doesn’t have to
get up until noon

from WORMWOOD REVIEW, #137, 1995




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