peter fissel | night swans

29 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 121 | November 10, 2006

In my continued pursuit of “everyday poetry, everywhere,” I submit the following Poetry Dispatch for today, sent to me by Wisconsin poet (and avid birder) Susan Peterson, with her notation :

“ Prose-poetry from the Wisconsin WSO Birder’s Hotline??? Usually we (birders) just post good sightings, maybe habitat, etc. But once in a while comes something like this………almost poetry.” Norbert Blei


Night Swans by Peter Fissel

It happens almost every year around this time – I’ll be outside after dark
for some reason (walking home from the bus stop, just looking at the moon
& stars, or, like last night, finishing the raking by the light of the
streetlamp on my block.) I’ll hear something that at first sounds like a
conversation down the street, but then resolves into a higher-pitched
register. And then it gets a little closer, and I hear that unmistakable
“flying monkeys” sound, and I frantically search the sky until I see the
ghostly shapes of a flock of Tundra Swans way up, lit from below by the
city lights, heading south or east (like these were.) It always gives me
a bittersweet feeling – I’m elated, but it means WINTER is coming in force.



One response

27 04 2020

A lovely “found” poem by a, likewise, lovely fellow. A nice memory of Peter, outdoors at night, in the moonlight, looking up. Peter passed away 23 April 2020.

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