don welch | the mute swans & turkey vulture

15 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 64 | April 12, 2006

The Mute Swans

by Don Welch

One by one a hundred mute swans
were snowing the lake with silence.

Turkey Vulture

by Don Welch

Ugly, it looks like bad prose,
and flies as if the whole world
were made of ball-bearings.

from: A BRIEF HISTORY OF FEATHERS, A Slow Tempo Press, Lincoln, Nebraska, l996




3 responses

6 04 2009
Deb Brandt

I was a student in Don Welch’s class at KSC in the late 70’s or 1980. During our poetry class we read several of his poems. I’d like to buy his books that include the following poems (I don’t remember the titles, but maybe the first line – it’s been a LONG time.) I teach English to 7th graders. I’ve decided to finish the year with poetry instead of assessments and know that my students would enjoy his work.

If Nebraska Were a Woman

Jamie K…’s Falcon

The Shotgun

Am I remembering correctly about a pole vaulter or was that another poet?

Does anyone know what collections have these poems?

thank you

10 04 2009
Don Welch

Deb, send me your e-mail address, and I will get you info about the poems you are interested in.

Don Welch

18 01 2010
Marilyn Morgan King

Hi Don,

I received a notice about your newest book of poetry some time ago (like months?) from the publisher. I ordered it and asked to have it autographed. Later, I received an announcement about it from you but didn’t order, since I had already done so.
I have now forgotten the title. Would you please let me know how/where to get it?

Elizabeth M. King (formerly Marilyn Helleberg)

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