ronald baatz | in a clay pig’s eye

6 10 2007



Poetry Dispatch No. 33 | November 29, 2005

a fence between
the cemetery and the road
leans toward the road


as though the whole earth
were ringing-
that’s how many crickets


like skinny wooden birds
on the line


even her charley horse
brings a new thrill
to our lovemaking


a single snowflake falling-
or are my eyes
just going bad


kitchen window
held open till dark
by a wooden spoon


what’s left from breakfast-
hard toast with the word “birds”
scratched into it


our beautiful love
on such thin ice
we can’t even shiver


orange peels
in the snow
curling toward the sun


an icy evening
a bowl of noodles and thoughts
of a naked woman

by Ronald Baatz

from IN A CLAY PIG’S EYE, Seastone Editions (2005) limited edition, 100 copies

Ronald Baatz sees the big picture in small, seemingly simple poems; publishes in obscure, small presses; appears invisible in today’s world of raucous voices. Silence.
Every poem is a new awakening to an old truth we seldom find the words to say or see. His work is difficult to locate but worth the search. He lives in Mt. Tremper, NY. There he goes now…Norbert Blei

mountains disappear in fog
and i want to go right along
with them




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