jo carson | 54

6 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 32 | November 24, 2005

A cold ,winter morning in Door today. Ten above . The power went out at 6 a.m. Fumbling in the dark till daylight. Fierce wind blowing all night, whipping through all the bare branches, screaming to be heard. Birds flying backwards. White caps leaping in the bay. The dog running like hell ahead of me to get back in the house from our wind-thrashing morning walk. Home alone and happy in my confines, time and place, coop and house. Thinking of my good woman UpNorth doing her traditional holiday with kids and grandkids, of friends and family (my own kids and grandkids), scattered everywhere on this good earth. Thankful indeed that the sun shines, the wind blows (still), and the power has just been restored, enabling me to tap out this message in time. Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s something from a favorite writer of mine to give us all pause. Praise the here and now. The persistence of story. Norbert Blei

by Jo Carson

I am asking you to come back home
before you lose the chance of seein’ me alive.
You already missed your daddy.
You missed your uncle Howard.
You missed Luciel.
I kept them and I buried them.
You showed up for the funerals.
Funerals are the easy part.
You even missed that dog you left.
I dug him a hole and put him in it.
It was a Sunday morning, but dead animals
don’t wait no better than dead people.
My mama used to say she could feel herself runnin’ short of the breath of life. So can I. And I am blessed tired of buryin’ things I love. Somebody else can do that job to me. You’ll be back here then; you come for funerals.
I’d rather you come back now and got my stories.
I’ve got whole lives of stories that belong to you.
I could fill you up with stories,
stories I ain’t told nobody yet,
stories with your name, your blood in them.
Ain’t nobody gonna hear them if you don’t
and you ain’t gonna hear them unless you get back home,
When I am dead, it will not matter how hard you press your ear to the ground.

from STORIES I AIN’T TOLD NOBODY YET, Theatre Communications Group




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