bruce hodder | a steady rain falling…

6 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 37 | December 12, 2005

Such positive reaction to the first set of short poems I dispatched by Ronald Baatz, I’ve decided to revisit this poetic playground on a more regular basis. So…more Short Poems…

These come your way out of the UK from poet/publisher, Bruce Hodder, who writes:

A handful of haiku for your reading enjoyment! I work in short form quite a lot because my best thinking is done when I’m out among people, dogs, traffic and I can’t hold a long poem in my head until I find a park bench to sit down and whip out my notebook….Reading Ronald Baatz has got the juices flowing. Thank God for Poetry Dispatch!

a steady rain falling–
no other sound except
a distant cow’s moo

my neighbor’s gate
bangs in the wind–
the remembrance of you

high up in the hills somewhere
bleak undulating grass and rocks
pissing by an old stone wall in freezing rain

jazz in the taxi cab–
connoisseurs, Barbadian driver,
Buddhist passenger

a flash of blue brassiere
on peach-like shoulder: ah!–
forget my white beard, honey!

the golden glow
around those people–
autumn evening

too much inner dialogue
to enjoy the band–
we’re really over this time

the smell of floor cleaner
through an open door–
going home for breakfast

ripe as a new apple
picking hair out of her eyes
waiting to collect her kid from school

chasing peaches round a bowl
old man and son both laughing
“now come on, dad, one more.”

sign outside the black horse pub in deptford: brewed bitter–hey, so was i

Bruce Hodder




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