don olsen | a day like all days

5 10 2007


Poetry Dispatch No. 22 | November 5, 2005


What kind of a day
is it going to be?
It will be a day
like all days, filled
with those events
which alter
and illuminate
our times, and we’ll
be there. We’re going
over to Wal-Mart,
where the wife
will get herself
a new laundry basket
and I’m gonna get me
a new urinal. It makes
a guy feel proud
to live in the good
old U.S. of A.
where any day
we feel like
standing proud,
we can beat the shit
out of someone or
go to the nearest
Wal-Mart to buy
all the essential plastics
of the good life.
This is America, pal.
Love it or leave it.

Some choice, eh?

from A BUTTERFLY SLEEPS ON THE TEMPLE BELL A Reminiscence on the Ox Head Press, l966-2000 by Don Olsen, Printer & Proprietor.

Reflections on How and Why he Founded the Press, Together with some Thoughts on “Fine Printing” & Typographic Design, along with a Few Observations on the Failure of the Press to Bear Witness to the Times, & How its Demise Begins with Anguish & Grief that Rise from the Bewildering Complexities of a Suicide & other Ensuing Losses.

NOTE: One of the most beautiful, unique, and insightful books ever published by Cross+Roads Press. A ‘must’ for writers, small press publishers, and serious readers. $10 from: Cross+Roads Press PO Box 33 Ellison Bay, WI 54210 USA.

Don Olsen was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in September, 2003. He did not live to see his remarkable book in print.




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